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About SweetPea London


I’m Lara and Sweet Pea is a little brand very close to my heart.


Emma, my daughter (is my Sweet Pea) and her special companion, “Donkey” (the little character you might’ve spotted in the logo) have been together since birth.

The idea for Sweet Pea was inspired by our many walks together and surroundings filled with so many different things, 

I couldn’t help seeing the little things through a child’s eyes.


A muslin swaddle is the one item I always carry along in my bag and to me is such an essential item - being used to cuddle and provide comfort to a new born baby during the early days right through to toddler years as a comforter or “blankie.” 


When deciding on a fabric for Sweet Pea muslin swaddles, the 70% Bamboo 30% Cotton blend was my first choice as this not only makes for a baby soft feel but is also kind to the environment.

This was one of my aims - to keep everything from fabric to packaging as eco-friendly as possible, as ultimately it is our responsibility as guardians of the little ones to leave something behind for the next generation.

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