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About Alexandra


I am a Franco British mother of 3 living in London. As a child I wore many smocked clothes, they were part of my everyday play, parties and special occasions. Smocked clothing reminds me of my carefree childhood and by-gone times. However, today, it still remains a timeless classic which can be passed on from generation to generation. 

Alexandra's Smocks was created to provide classic, heritage clothing for children, in beautiful colours and patterns with an affordable price tag, to be cherished and passed on to the next generation. 

Alexandra's Smocks offers dresses, blouses, romper suits and nightwear, all 100% cotton, hand smocked and machine washable. The clothes are simple and pretty but also practical for everyday play. 


About the smocks

Each item is made using good quality, breathable cotton to keep little ones cool and comfortable during the warmer seasons and yet work well with a pair of thick tights and a cardigan during the colder months. They are designed to last and to look great now, next year and in ten years time. The clothes are lovingly produced by skilled craftswomen in workshops in Madagascar, an island where the quality and finesse of hand embroidery and hand smocking is internationally admired. I am very proud to be supporting the work of Malagasy Artisan women and enable the continuation of a beautiful and timeless craft.

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